Eileen Gray Side Table


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Eileen Gray Style Side Table. It is named after the house E 1027 'Maison en bord de mer' that Eileen Gray built for herself and for her partner, Jean Badovici. Designed in 1927.

Eileen Gray was an Irish architect and furniture designer who became a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture. Over her career, she was associated with many notable European artists of her era, including Kathleen Scott, Adrienne Gorska, Le Corbusier, and Jean Badovici. She is to this day one of the most iconic designers of the 20th century. 

retrobat is a curated line of retro furniture and decor. retrobat is a curated line of retro furniture and decor. Each piece is sourced by our founder from around the world - from Italy to the Netherlands, Denmark to the USA, and shipped to Mallorca, where as needed they are hand-restored by local craftspeople. retrobat embraces the circular economy, breathing new life into unique and arresting pieces from the last seven decades. retrobat translates to ‘reunited’ ‘re found’, and we like to think of ourselves as reuniting each of these remarkable one-off pieces with their rightful owner—you. 

MATERIALS: Glass & Steel 

DIMENSIONS: 70cm x 50cm (adjustable height)

Vintage piece that may contain small signs of use and antiquity.