Creature Candle Holder #2

Constanza Almazàn Carrasco

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Handmade abstract candlestick holder by the Chilean ceramics artist Constanza Almazàn Carrasco. An architect by trade, Costanza’s pieces blend a scientific sense of engineering with references to pre-Hispanic pottery cultures and nods to nature, finished in an earthy colour palette with a rustic glazed finish. This piece is made with Spanish black clay and Chilean clay found, collected, and crushed by hand in the Andes Mountains. Read more about Constanza & her work here.

Technique: Hand Building. Coils. Pinch

Finish: Glazed.

Fired: Medium Temperature. 1030°C.

MATERIALS: Mixed Clays: Spanish black Clay + Chilean Clay found, collected and crushed by hand of the Andes Mountain. 

DIMENSIONS : L 19  x W 14  x H 25 cm approx.

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