I deserve it plate

Laura Rubio Bañón

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I deserve it plate is inspired by a crown and at the same time by the sun, where the food served on this plate leads us to treat ourselves like kings and queens, connecting us with worthiness and pleasure. The creation of its pieces pursues the fun of surrounding ourselves with colorful and funny objects, which do not leave us indifferent. something that your inner child would enjoy and capture his attention. Handmade by Mallorcan Artist Laura Rubio Bañón. You can read more about Laura and her work here.

MATERIALS: Ceramic & Glaze

DIMENSIONS: 30 x 30 x 8cm

All our pieces are hand created by Artisans. It is for this wonderful reason every piece is unique and may vary in size, shape, texture or colour. Our images and descriptions should be used as a reference only.