Legs Plate (medium)

Constanza Almazàn Carrasco

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Hand-modelled ceramic plates with glazes designed by Chilean Artist Constanza Almazàn Carrasco. Inspired by biological and vegetable shapes, they give the food a special touch by playing with the height, shape and colour of the food on your table. At trobar we use it to serve our version of a Lobster roll. Available in two colour options, one with orange edge and the other with orange spots. Select your preferred plate via the dropdown menu. Read more about Constanza & her work here.

Suitable for hot and cold food. 

Available on request in other colours.

MATERIALS: White clay and ceramic glazes 1060°c. 

DIMENSIONS: 28 cm x 26 cm x 9cm

All our pieces are hand created by Artisans. It is for this wonderful reason every piece is unique and may vary in size, shape, texture or colour. Our images and descriptions should be used as a reference only.