Prawn Dish

objecte trobat

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Ceramic bowl with prawn detail. This pieces is perfect for olives as you sip on your dry martini. 


DIMENSIONS: 16cm (l) x 10cm (w) x 3cm (h)

At trobat, we firmly believe that collecting isn’t a hobby, but a way of life. For our founder and curator, Dolli, collecting is a lifelong passion. The perfect embroidered linen napkins from Provence, the decades-old seashells from the shores of Morocco, the mother of pearl spoon set from an little hole in the wall store in Greece… As sure as the night follows the day, you can bet that, whatever corner of the globe you put her in, she will hunt down the one thing worth finding. Dolli wants to share the thrill of the find with the trobat community, with our Objecte Trobat range. With a blend of pre-loved and new, accessible and exclusive, expect an eclectic offering of knickknacks, collectibles, curios and homewares—each picked by hand, just for you. We want every piece to find its rightful home. So, which one is waiting for you?