Secret Serviettas #2 (Pre order)


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“The dinner hour is sacred,” said Julia Child. “A happy time where everyone should be together.” It is in this spirit that Trobat Casa brings you Secret Serviettas—linen dinner napkins hand made in Italy with Italian linen, sewn with secret notes from influential artists and thinkers from the last century. This volume includes insights from Audre Lorde, Dolli Parton, Anaïs Nin and David Bowie. Secret Serviettas will provoke conversation, bring new life to dinner parties, and, with luck, ignite your creative spirit long after the meal ends. One unique hand embroidered quote per serviette, sold in a pack of 4. Pieces are made to order, pre-order now. Estimated arrival date, late December 2021.

DIMENSIONS: 50cm x 50cm.