Superstar Mirror Series

Ruth Minola Scheibler

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The “Superstar Mirror” is a star shaped mosaic wall piece handmade by Mallorca-based, German-born mosaics-focused artist, Ruth Minola Scheibler. The wall pieces have a centerpiece of plain mirror large enough to function as a mirror whilst still being able to be enjoyed as a quirky colourful artwork of mosaics on your wall. Be your own superstar or make it the perfect gift for your favourite person!  

There are three sizes available: 40cm / 30cm / 20cm with the prices as follows: 400€ / 300€ / 200€. You can select your size below. Each one is unique, handmade and original. We select the pieces at random to send. If you would like a specific one, please contact after your purchase. These pieces are are able to be hung using the element on the back and are quite lightweight, only needing 1 nail to install. They can look amazing individually or they can work well as a larger installation clustered together or scattered. You can read more about Ruth and her art here.

MATERIALS: Mosaic & mirror.

DIMENSIONS: 40cm / 30cm / 20cm.

All our pieces are hand created by Artisans. It is for this wonderful reason every piece is unique and may vary in size, shape, texture or colour. Our images and descriptions should be used as a reference only.