trobar coffee spoons

Sebastião Lobo

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trobat always celebrates moments when friends, family, or even strangers come together around a table to enjoy a shared meal. trobat and trobar is a celebration of friendship, love, and communion among people. trobat is more than just eating together; it is about establishing connections, creating bonds, and nurturing relationships. This ethos is the inspiration behind the casted cutlery in alpaca designed specifically for trobar. We also have a cutlery set in similar design. If you wish to buy a cutlery set you can view it here. The pieces were designed in collaboration with our founder and rising jeweler and concept artist Sebastião Lobo. Sebastião is based in Lisbon, Portugal. Read more about Sebastião and his work here.

MATERIALS: alpaca (copper alloy)

DIMENSIONS: 15.50cm x 3cm

All our pieces are hand created by Artisans. It is for this wonderful reason every piece is unique and may vary in size, shape, texture or colour. Our images and descriptions should be used as a reference only.